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Release Time:2023.05.03

        From April 24th to 26th, 2023, in order to promote exchanges and cooperation, the president of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation and Invention Association and Macau Innovation and Invention Association Li Baiqiang went to Beijing and Tianjin for visits and exchange activities.       On the morning of the 25th, Li Baiqiang attended the 17th China Inventors Forum & Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony held in the China Science and Technology Hall, the 3rd Council Members' Congress of the 8th China Invention Association, and the 10th National People's Congress Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee and director of the China Working Committee for the Next Generation, Wu Zhaohui, member of the party group and deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Lantao, deputy director of the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, Yu Hua, secretary of the party committee, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the China Invention Association Rong, and 300 representatives from the national science and technology circles, invention circles, business circles, and investment circles participated in this event.


 Present leaders, national science and technology circles, invention circles , the business community, the investment community The representatives took a group photo together (Li Boqiang is fourth from the left in the fourth row)

  During the exchange with Yu Huarong, Li Baiqiang said that the previous Macao International Innovation and Invention Exhibition has received strong support from the China Invention Association, and as a guiding unit, he sincerely invited Yu Huarong to attend the 2nd Macao Science Museum held from October 26 to 29 this year. In the 11th exhibition, Yu Huarong said that he would definitely participate and wished the event a complete success.

(from left) Li Baiqiang, Yu Huarong and Yang Jiusan, President of the Hong Kong Invention Association took a group photo at the event

  Zhao Jun, Director of the Experience Center of the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Exchange Center, and Huang Danni, the Special Specialist of the Invention Award of the Experience Center, received the reception, and accompanied them to visit the Experience Center of the Youth Science, Technology and Culture Exchange Center. The two parties participated in the 18th Soong Ching Ling Youth Invention Award this year Had an in-depth communication with the arrangement of the 11th Macao International Innovation and Invention Exhibition.

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Accompanied by Zhao Jun and Liu Ying, Li Baiqiang visited the Experience Center of Youth Science, Technology and Culture Exchange Center

(left) Liu Ying, Zhao Jun, Huang Danni and Li Baiqiang are communicating

(From left) Zhao Jun, Li Baiqiang and Liu Ying are interacting Group photo after presenting souvenirs

       Going to Tianjin on the evening of the 25th, Gao Shuwen, the principal of Shusheng Education and Training School in Heping District, Tianjin, Wang Xiqiu, a retired middle school senior teacher, and Tianjin Experimental Primary School Science Wang Wanjiang, a maker teacher in the comprehensive group, received the reception, and Gao Shuwen hosted a banquet for Li Baiqiang and his colleagues at the traditional “Goubuli” in Tianjin.

Gao Shuwen and Li Baiqiang Group photo in front of “Goubuli” store


Taste a rich Tianjin traditional “Goubuli” dinner


At night, Li Baiqiang is at Accompanied by Gao Shuwen and Wang Wanjiang, they went on a night tour of Haihejinwan Square

  , Sun Shaolan introduced the school's development history and culture; Wang Wanjiang introduced the school's scientific and technological features and scientific education achievements, and accompanied by them visited the school's teaching facilities. Sun Shaolan thanked Li Baiqiang for his help in the school's science and technology education and international exchanges over the years, and proposed to strengthen exchanges with young people in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as participation in the International Invention Exhibition and friendly exchanges between students from Tianjin and Macao. And reached a long-term cooperation intention.




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Li Baiqiang visited with the company of Sun Shaolan and Wang Wanjiang The school's teaching facilities and students' Introduction to innovative invention works

Sun Shaolan and Wang Wanjiang are communicating with Li Baiqiang

(From left) Li Baiqiang took a group photo after presenting a souvenir to Sun Shaolan

    On the morning of the 26th, Li Baiqiang met with Liu Yan and Shen Yang, science and technology counselors of Pingshandao Primary School in Tianjin, at the hotel where he stayed, and discussed the matter of participating in the 11th Macao International Innovation and Invention Exhibition held at the end of October this year.

(From right) Liu Yan presented Li Baiqiang with the mascot of Tianjin Pingshan Road Primary School“Little Bee”

    ;    At noon, Li Baiqiang and Wang Wanjiang, Sun Baimin, director of Tiger Intelligence (Tianjin) Intelligence Center, Guo Chuan, executive director of Zhufu Youth Development Fund, and Zhu Yu, deputy director of the Professional Technology and Career Development Training Center of Tianjin University Distance Education College We held an exchange luncheon together, and discussed various aspects such as Macao and foreign invention exhibitions, research groups, education and training.

(from left) Guo Chuan, Wang Wanjiang, Li Baiqiang, Sun Baimin and Zhu Yu took a group photo

        Scientific and technological innovation cooperation and exchanges have played a positive role in promoting.


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