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2018 Hong Kong International Student Innovation and Invention Competition

Release Time:2022.07.01

The “2018 Hong Kong International Student Innovation and Invention Competition” organized by the eleven primary and secondary schools of Yan Chai Hospital, the general evaluation, public exhibition and award ceremony were held on December 1 It will be held at Hong Kong Cyberport on 15th October.

 The object of this competition is mainly primary school students, divided into elementary school and high school groups, attracting 16 students from Guangzhou, Macau, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc More than 700 works from 73 schools from 73 countries and regions participated in the competition.

At the invitation of the conference, the association sent the school group members of the association: Haojiang Yingcai and Haojiang Primary School, a total of five primary school students participated in the competition. In the early morning of that day, under the leadership of Chairman Li Baiqiang and Chairman Chen Rong, a group of 13 people took a boat to Hong Kong to compete with students, tutors and parents.

     The shortlisted inventors introduced their works to the judges and answered questions on the spot. Afterwards, a number of awards were awarded, including gold, silver, bronze and merit awards for junior and senior groups; individual “Innovation and Invention Awards” and “International Special Awards”. The scene was lively.

     As a result, the little inventors in Macao have achieved excellent results. “Dian Mo Bao” won the Bronze Award of the General Assembly and the Special Awards of Malaysia and Indonesia by Haojiang talents He Xiting and Huo Zhaotong. The “Caring for Classmates Telescopic Storage Unit” won the Bronze Award, the International Creative Award and the Korean Special Award by Ye Feiran and Lin Zijun of Haojiang Primary School; the “Smart Traffic Light” was awarded by Huo Wendi and Chen Leying The conference presented merit awards and received special awards from Indonesia and Taiwan.



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